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Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Prince Boy English Royal son
Princess Girl English Royal son
Princeton Boy English Prince's town
Proctor Boy English Steward
Promise Girl English Promise
Pryce Boy English Son of Rhys
Purcell Boy English Swineherd
Purity Girl English Purity
Putnam Boy English Putta's home; ho...
Quarry Boy English Tickset, portly;...
Queen Girl English Female ruler
Queena Girl English Female ruler
Queenetta Girl English Female ruler
Queenette Girl English Female ruler
Queenie Girl English Female ruler
Quest Boy English Quest; search; v...
Quickley Boy English Lively
Quinlan Boy English Gently-shaped fe...
Quinlin Boy English Gently-shaped fe...
Race Boy English A contest of spe...
Radburn Boy English Red brook
Radcliff Boy English Red cliff
Radegund Girl English Counsel of war
Radford Boy English Red ford
Radley Boy English Red wood; red cl...
Rae Girl English Ewe
Raeburn Boy English Roebuck stream
Raegan Girl English Descendent of Ri...
Raelene Girl English Ewe
Rain Both English Rain