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Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Parker Both English Gamekeeper of a ...
Parkinson Boy English Son of Perkin
Parley Boy English Pear wood
Parr Boy English Enclosure
Parrish Boy English From Paris
Parson Boy English Parson; employed...
Parsons Boy English Parson; employed...
Pascoe Boy English Born at Easter
Pask Boy English Born at Easter
Pate Boy English Patrician
Paterson Boy English Patrician
Pati Both English Baskets of fish
Patience Girl English Patience
Patten Boy English Patrician
Patterson Boy English Patrician
Pattison Boy English Patrician
Patton Boy English Patrician
Paxton Boy English Settlement of Po...
Payton Both English Settlement of Pga
Paz Both English Peace
Paziah Girl English Gold of God
Peaches Girl English Peaches
Peacock Boy English Vain person
Pearce Boy English Stone
Pearl Girl English Pearl
Pearla Girl English Pearl
Pearle Girl English Pearl
Pearleen Girl English Pearl
Pearlene Girl English Pearl
Pearline Girl English Pearl