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Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Nash Boy English At the ash tree
Nashe Boy English At the ash tree
Natsuye Girl English Summer painting
Nealie Girl English N/A
Nealy Girl English N/A
Ned Boy English Wealth protector
Neddie Boy English Wealth protector
Neddy Boy English Wealth protector
Needham Boy English Home of need
Neilson Boy English Son of Neil
Nell Girl English N/A
Nelle Girl English N/A
Nellie Girl English N/A
Nelly Girl English N/A
Nelson Boy English Son of Neal
Neo Boy English New
Nephihah Boy English N/A
Nereida Girl English Water nymph
Nessa Girl English N/A
Nessie Girl English N/A
Netherwood Boy English Lower wood
Netta Girl English N/A
Nettie Girl English N/A
Neva Girl English Radiance; bright...
Neve Girl English Radiance; bright...
Newall Boy English New hall
Newey Boy English New enclosure
Newland Boy English New land
Newman Boy English New man
Newt Boy English New settlement, ...