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You may not realize it, but Welsh names are all the rage! Dylan, Morgan, Owen, Megan and Rhys are all Welsh, and firmly entrenched in the top baby names of the US. They arenít going anywhere any time soon! But what about the other awesome names that the kingdom of Wales has to offer? We have them all here for you to browse in our Welsh baby names collection. Welsh mythology is a literal treasure trove of baby name inspiration for parents who are looking for beautiful uncommon names for their children. Check out the bounty of baby names in our selection of Welsh names

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Eirug Boy Welsh Fine; splendid; ...
Eirwen Girl Welsh Snow white
Eirys Girl Welsh Iris
Elain Girl Welsh Fawn
Elaine Girl Greek Torch; bright li...
Elan Both Welsh Drive; push
Elen Girl Welsh Nymph
Eleri Girl Welsh N/A
Elgan Boy Welsh Bright; circle
Elhaearn Boy Welsh An iron brow
Elian Boy Hebrew The Lord is my G...
Elin Girl Welsh Nymph
Elis Boy Hebrew My god is the lord
Ellis Both Hebrew My God is the Lord
Elliw Girl Welsh Colour
Eluned Girl Welsh N/A
Elwen Girl English Friend of elves
Emlyn Boy Latin Rival
Emrys Boy Greek Undying, immortal
Emyr Boy Welsh Honour
Enfys Girl Welsh Rainbow
Enid Girl Gaelic Uncertain, possi...
Essylt Girl Welsh That is fair
Eurfyl Boy Welsh Gold
Eurgain Both Welsh Gold and beautiful
Euriona Girl Welsh Gold
Evan Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Evania Girl Greek Serene
Ffion Girl Welsh Foxglove
Ffiona Girl Welsh Foxglove