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You may not realize it, but Welsh names are all the rage! Dylan, Morgan, Owen, Megan and Rhys are all Welsh, and firmly entrenched in the top baby names of the US. They arenít going anywhere any time soon! But what about the other awesome names that the kingdom of Wales has to offer? We have them all here for you to browse in our Welsh baby names collection. Welsh mythology is a literal treasure trove of baby name inspiration for parents who are looking for beautiful uncommon names for their children. Check out the bounty of baby names in our selection of Welsh names

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Mael Both Breton Prince
Maelgad Boy Welsh Prince + battle
Maelgwn Boy Welsh Defender/prince/...
Maelgwyn Boy Welsh Defender/prince/...
Maelog Boy Welsh Battle; prince
Maelogan Boy Welsh Battle; prince
Maelon Boy Welsh Prince
Maelona Girl Welsh Prince
Maelorwen Girl Welsh White Maelor
Maelrys Boy Welsh Rushing prince
Maelwas Boy Welsh Youth prince; se...
Magdalen Girl Hebrew Of Magdala
Mai Girl Chinese Ocean or elegance
Mair Girl Hebrew Uncertain, maybe...
Mairwen Girl Welsh Blessed Mair
Maldwyn Boy Germanic Bold friend
Malen Girl Mapudungun Maiden
Mali Girl Thai Flower
Mallt Girl German Powerful battler
Manon Girl Hebrew Bitter
Marc Boy Latin From the god Mars
Marchudd Boy Welsh Horse lord
Mared Girl Greek Pearl
Maredudd Boy Welsh Great lord
Marged Girl Greek Pearl
Margiad Girl Greek Pearl
Margred Girl Greek Pearl
Mari Girl Hebrew Uncertain, maybe...
Marlais Boy Welsh Big ditch/stream...
Martyn Boy Latin From the god Mars