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You may not realize it, but Welsh names are all the rage! Dylan, Morgan, Owen, Megan and Rhys are all Welsh, and firmly entrenched in the top baby names of the US. They arenít going anywhere any time soon! But what about the other awesome names that the kingdom of Wales has to offer? We have them all here for you to browse in our Welsh baby names collection. Welsh mythology is a literal treasure trove of baby name inspiration for parents who are looking for beautiful uncommon names for their children. Check out the bounty of baby names in our selection of Welsh names

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Gorawen Girl Welsh Joy
Greidawl Boy Welsh Heat
Grigor Boy Greek Watcher
Gruffudd Boy Welsh Strong lord
Gruffydd Boy Welsh Strong lord
Grugwyn Boy Welsh White heather
Guto Boy Welsh Strong lord
Gutun Boy Welsh Strong lord
Gutyn Boy Welsh Strong lord
Gwaednerth Boy Welsh Blood strength
Gwalchmai Boy Welsh Hawk of battle
Gwalchmei Boy Welsh Hawk of battle
Gwanwyn Girl Welsh Spring
Gwarwen Girl Welsh White nape
Gwaun Boy Welsh Heath
Gwawr Girl Welsh Dawn
Gwawrddydd Girl Welsh Dawn of day
Gwawrwen Girl Welsh White dawn
Gweirful Girl Welsh Completely shy
Gwen Girl Welsh White, fair, ble...
Gwenda Girl Welsh White and good
Gwenddydd Girl Welsh White day
Gwendolen Girl Welsh White ring; whit...
Gweneal Girl Welsh White angel, ble...
Gwenevere Girl Welsh White; fair; smo...
Gwenfair Girl Welsh Blessed Mary
Gwenffrwd Girl Welsh White stream
Gwenfor Girl Welsh White and great
Gwenfrewi Girl Welsh Blessed peace; f...
Gwenfron Girl Welsh White breast