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Unisex names generally started out as either male or female and, over time, were adopted by the opposite sex as well. Most unisex names go through periods when they are more associated with one gender, and then sway back into favor for the other in an almost predictable cycle. For expectant parents who choose not to find out the sex of their baby before birth, choosing a unisex name may be a great way to go. If you are searching for cool general-neutral names, check out our collection of unisex baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Atile Both African Increasing famil...
Auali'i Both Hawaiian Noble, royal
Aubrey Both Germanic Elfin king
Aubrie Both Germanic Elfin king
Aukanai'i Both Hawaiian Strong warrior
Avital Both Hebrew Father of dew
Bahula Both Sanskrit Abundant
Bailey Both English Bailiff
Bakul Both Sanskrit Resembles a cran...
Bakula Both Sanskrit Resembles a cran...
Bala Both Sanskrit Power; strength;...
Bansi Both Sanskrit Whistle, flute; ...
Beverley Both English Beaver stream
Beverly Both English Beaver stream
Bhadra Both Sanskrit Blessed, prosper...
Bhadrapriya Both Sanskrit Auspicious & bel...
Bhajana Both Sanskrit Devoted; venerated
Bhavya Both Sanskrit Auspicious; suit...
Blair Both Gaelic Plain
Blaire Both Gaelic Plain
Brecht Both German Nobly bright
Briar Both English Thorny plant
Brooke Both English A brook, stream
Cadee Both American E... N/A
Camile Both Latin N/A
Camille Both Latin Altar server
Candelario Both Latin Cadela; wax candle
Capala Both Sanskrit Swift; lightning
Casey Both American E... From Cayce
Casie Both American E... From Cayce