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Unisex names generally started out as either male or female and, over time, were adopted by the opposite sex as well. Most unisex names go through periods when they are more associated with one gender, and then sway back into favor for the other in an almost predictable cycle. For expectant parents who choose not to find out the sex of their baby before birth, choosing a unisex name may be a great way to go. If you are searching for cool general-neutral names, check out our collection of unisex baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Uttama Both Sanskrit Excellent
Uttara Both Sanskrit Superior
Vallabha Both Sanskrit Beloved
Vama Both Sanskrit Beautiful
Vamana Both Sanskrit Short
Veera Both Sanskrit Heroic
Vira Both Sanskrit Heroic
Virocana Both Sanskrit Illuminating
Visala Both Sanskrit Spacious
Vishva Both Sanskrit Entire; all
Vishwa Both Sanskrit Entire; all
Visva Both Sanskrit Entire; all
Wainani Both Hawaiian Beautiful water
Wana'ao Both Hawaiian Dawn
Wana'aonani Both Hawaiian Beautiful dawn
Wehilani Both Hawaiian Adornment from h...
Whitney Both English White island
Wies Both Germanic Fame and war
Winifred Both Welsh Blessed peace; f...
Winnie Both Welsh Blessed peace; f...
Wisam Both Arabic Badge of honour
Yaja Both Sanskrit Worshipper; prie...
Yannic Both Hebrew God is gracious
Yannick Both Hebrew God is gracious
Yona Both Hebrew Dove
Yonah Both Hebrew Dove
Yoshimi Both Japanese To rejoice in be...
Yuu Both Japanese Gentle