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Unisex names generally started out as either male or female and, over time, were adopted by the opposite sex as well. Most unisex names go through periods when they are more associated with one gender, and then sway back into favor for the other in an almost predictable cycle. For expectant parents who choose not to find out the sex of their baby before birth, choosing a unisex name may be a great way to go. If you are searching for cool general-neutral names, check out our collection of unisex baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Rina Both English Pet form of name...
Rowan Both Gaelic Little red one
Sable Both English Sable
Sage Both English Aromatic herb; w...
Sam Both Hebrew His name is God
Scout Both American E... Observer
Seely Both English Happy; fortunate
Seiki Both Japanese Star and beginning
Shannan Both Hebrew God is gracious
Shannon Both Hebrew God is gracious
Shelby Both English A place where wi...
Shigemi Both Japanese Luxuriant beauty
Skylar Both Dutch Guarded; scholar
Skyler Both Dutch Guarded; scholar
Sloan Both American E... Fighter
Sloane Both American E... Fighter
Stacey Both Greek Resurrection
Storm Both English Violent weather
Stormy Both English Violent weather
Suman Both Sanskrit Cheerful; wise
Swann Both English Swan
Sydney Both English Wide meadow
Tautoru Both Maori Orion's Belt
Taylor Both English A tailor
Tobi Both African God is good
Tracey Both English Thracius' place
Tracy Both English Thracius' place
Ululani Both Hawaiian Inspired by heav...
Uluwehi Both Hawaiian Lush, flourishin...
Utpala Both Sanskrit Full of blossom