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Unisex names generally started out as either male or female and, over time, were adopted by the opposite sex as well. Most unisex names go through periods when they are more associated with one gender, and then sway back into favor for the other in an almost predictable cycle. For expectant parents who choose not to find out the sex of their baby before birth, choosing a unisex name may be a great way to go. If you are searching for cool general-neutral names, check out our collection of unisex baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Ihupani Both Hawaiian Person of great ...
Ikshu Both Sanskrit Sweet; sugar
Iksu Both Sanskrit Sweet; sugar
Ilihia Both Hawaiian Stricken with awe
Imke Both Germanic Uncertain; perha...
Inoa Both Hawaiian Namesake
Iona'ala Both Hawaiian Fragrant name; e...
Izumi Both Japanese Fountain; spring
Jacy Both Greek Healer
Jade Both English Precious green s...
Jaden Both American E... N/A
Jaiden Both American E... N/A
Jaidon Both American E... N/A
Jalaja Both Sanskrit Lotus
Jan Both Hebrew God is gracious
Janke Both Hebrew God is gracious
Janne Both Hebrew God is gracious
Jans Both Hebrew God is gracious
Jaya Both Sanskrit Victory; victori...
Jean Both Hebrew God is gracious
Jent Both Hebrew God is gracious
Jinan Both Arabic Garden; paradise
Joby Both Hebrew Hated; persecuted
Jocelyn Both French Tribal name of t...
Jodie Both Hebrew Of Judea
Jody Both Hebrew Of Judea
Jordan Both Hebrew Descend; flow down
Ka'aona Both Hawaiian A month
Ka'apeha Both Hawaiian Rain cloud; infl...
Ka'aumoana Both Hawaiian Sailor, seafarer