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Tibetan children are generally named by a Buddhist lama, but that might be a bit hard to come by in a Western culture, so we’ve put together a list of great Tibetan baby names for you to start your search. Tibetan names are usually given in pairs, so that they make up ONE meaning or thought through the meaning of the name combination. Tibetan names are taken very seriously, as they are thought of as the beginning of a life’s path, and parents’ bestowing a name to their child is a gift. If you are looking for a traditional Tibetan name for your baby, look no further than our selection of Tibetan baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Anil Boy Sanskrit Air, wind
Bayarmaa Girl Mongolian Joyful mother
Bolormaa Girl Mongolian Crystal mother
Indira Girl Indian Lakshmi: female ...
Kamala Both Sanskrit Born of the lotus
Narayan Boy Sanskrit The abode of bei...
Pema Both Sanskrit Lotus-hued
Shamar Boy Sanskrit N/A
Sonam Boy Central As... Gifted, fortunat...