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Tanzania is known for its bountiful wildlife and the vast untamed savannah of the Serengeti. The baby names used here are predominantly Swahili, and this is the native language of its people. English is also spoken and English baby names are also popular in Tanzania. Our Tanzanian names list contains popularity information, pronunciations and accurate origin and meanings data along with historical tidbits and unique pop culture references for each baby name. If you are looking for a traditional East African name for your baby, look no further than our selection of Tanzanian baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Ipyana Boy African Grace
Ishara Both Swahili Sign
Ishi Girl Japanese Rock, stone
Ita Both Swahili Invite, summon
Itidal Girl Swahili Symmetry
Jaha Girl Swahili Grandeur, majest...
Jahi Girl Swahili Fame; prominence
Jalali Boy Swahili Almighty (Allah)
Jalil Boy Arabic Grand; noble
Jamil Boy Arabic Handsome; grace
Jamila Girl Arabic Beautiful
Jana Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Janna Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Jauhar Both Sanskrit Jewel
Jina Both Swahili Name; one's self
Jirani Both Swahili Neighbor
Johanna Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Johari Girl Swahili Gem; something o...
Jokha Girl Swahili Jeweled robe
Jozi Both Swahili Pair
Juwayria Girl Swahili Damask rose
Kabisa Girl Swahili Completely, exac...
Kadija Girl Arabic Born prematurely
Kafil Boy Arabic Protector, respo...
Kaidi Girl Swahili Obstinate
Kajakafwile Boy African The town is dead
Kali Girl Sanskrit Time; black
Kamaria Girl Swahili Bright as the mo...
Kamili Both Swahili Perfect
Kanai Girl Swahili Content