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Coming to you straight from the blustery country of chocolate and cheese are a treasure trove of Swiss baby names. Most baby names used in Switzerland are of a German origin, but there is also a bounty of French and Italian derived names used there. Still there are names that are unique to the Swiss, and parents would be wise to take heed because many are quite beautiful and translate well to English speaking countries. If you are looking for a unique name for your baby, look no further than our selection of Swiss baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Agon Boy Albanian The dawn
Analiese Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Annaliese Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Ardit Boy Albanian The golden day
Arjeta Girl Albanian Golden life
Armend Boy Albanian Golden intellige...
Beat Boy Latin Happy
Beate Girl Latin Blessed; happy
Blerim Boy Albanian Fresh greenness
Blerina Girl Albanian Fresh greenness
Brantley Boy Germanic Sword
Diellza Girl Albanian Sun
Dritan Boy Albanian Light
Edon Boy Albanian Loving
Emmalina Girl German All-containing; ...
Endrit Boy Albanian Light
Fisnik Boy Albanian Noble
Flamur Boy Albanian Flag, banner
Jehona Girl Albanian Echo
Jetmir Boy Albanian A good life
Jeton Boy Albanian Life
Johannes Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Juergen Boy Greek Earth worker
Kreshnik Boy Albanian Knight
Kushtrim Boy African Cry of war
Leotrim Boy Albanian Brave; full of b...
Leutrim Boy Albanian Brave; full of b...
Liridon Boy Albanian Longing for free...
Liridona Girl Albanian Longing for free...
Lukas Boy Greek Man from Lucania