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Swahili (also known as Kiswahili) is the native language of the people of Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique, Burundi, Rwanda and the Congo and is of the Bantu language family. Some Swahili vocabulary is derived from Arabic, so Swahili names often have an Arabic flair. Many of the names in the movie The Lion King are Swahili in origin! Our Swahili names list contains popularity information, pronunciations and accurate origin and meanings data along with historical tidbits and unique pop culture references for each baby name. If you are looking for a traditional East African name for your baby, look no further than our selection of Swahili baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Nena Girl Hebrew Of Magdala
Nia Girl Gaelic Radiance; bright...
Niara Girl Swahili One with high pu...
Nina Girl Latin N/A
Nuha Girl Arabic Intellect, mind
Nura Girl Aramaic Light
Nuru Girl Swahili In the light of ...
Nyah Girl African Purpose
NŽBushe Girl Swahili Godly one
Obama Boy Swahili Uncertain, perha...
Paka Girl Swahili Cat
Panya Girl Swahili Mouse
Pasua Girl Swahili Born by cesarean...
Penda Girl Swahili Affectionate
Pili Girl Swahili Second child
Rabia Girl Swahili Springtime
Radhi Both Swahili Satisfied, conte...
Rafiki Boy Arabic Friend
Rahma Girl Swahili Compassion
Ramla Girl Swahili Divination
Rashida Girl Arabic Rightly guided
Raziya Girl Swahili Friendly, pleasant
Reem Girl Arabic White antelope
Rehema Girl Swahili Empathy; compass...
Rhamadhani Boy African Born during the ...
Rim Girl Arabic White antelope
Rukiya Girl Arabic Ascending, progr...
Ruqayah Girl Swahili Better, superior
Saada Girl Swahili Assistant; help
Sabiha Girl Arabic Beautiful, brigh...