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The popularity of surnames as first names has been on the rise for decades for both boys and girls. Creative namers enjoy the familiarity that a surname carries, while also employing that twinge of the unexpected by placing it in a more surprising order. In our collections of surnames baby names, you’ll find both popular (Madison, Mackenzie, Cooper) and surprisingly fresh (Brannon, Ramsay, Trapper) surnames that make wickedly cool first names for kids. Each name page is complete with popularity information, pronunciations and accurate origin and meanings data along with historical tidbits and unique pop culture references. Check out our fab collection of surnames baby names.

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Beck Boy English Dweller near the...
Becker Boy English Beech tree; Stream
Beckett Boy English Bee cottage
Beckham Boy English Beck homestead
Bedford Boy English Ford of Beda
Bee Both English Bee; Busy Worker
Beech Boy English Beech tree; Stream
Beeman Boy French Lovely hill
Beker Boy Hebrew A young camel, d...
Bellamy Boy French Fine friend
Bellina Girl Italian Beautiful
Bellino Boy French Handsome
Belmont Boy French Lovely hill
Belton Boy English Enclosure, settl...
Beman Boy French Lovely hill
Ben Gurion Boy Hebrew Son of the lion
Ben-Gurion Boy Hebrew Son of the lion
Benard Boy Germanic Bear brave; brav...
Bender Boy English One who bends; b...
Benjamin Boy Hebrew Son of my right ...
Bensen Boy English Son of Benedict
Benson Boy English Son of Benedict
Bentley Boy English Bent grass clear...
Benton Boy English Bent grass enclo...
Benzecry Boy Hebrew Son of Zechariah
Bera Both Norse Bear
Berg Boy German Mountain
Berger Boy German Mountain
Berk Boy English Birch clearing
Berkeley Boy English Birch clearing