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The popularity of surnames as first names has been on the rise for decades for both boys and girls. Creative namers enjoy the familiarity that a surname carries, while also employing that twinge of the unexpected by placing it in a more surprising order. In our collections of surnames baby names, you’ll find both popular (Madison, Mackenzie, Cooper) and surprisingly fresh (Brannon, Ramsay, Trapper) surnames that make wickedly cool first names for kids. Each name page is complete with popularity information, pronunciations and accurate origin and meanings data along with historical tidbits and unique pop culture references. Check out our fab collection of surnames baby names.

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Sayyid Boy Arabic Lord
Scarlett Girl English Scarlet
Scarlette Girl English Scarlet
Schaffer Boy German Shepherd
Schley Boy German Blackthorn berry...
Schmidt Boy German Blacksmith
Schneider Boy German Tailor
Scott Boy English Painted warrior
Seaborn Boy English Born at sea
Seager Boy English Seaman
Sealey Boy English Happy; fortunate
Seeger Boy English Seaman
Seeley Boy English Happy; fortunate
Seely Both English Happy; fortunate
Seger Boy English Seaman
Senna Both Latin Man from Sebaste
Sergey Boy Latin Servant
Seward Boy English Victory Guard of...
Sewell Boy English Well by the ocean
Seymour Boy Latin Moor
Shafter Boy English Bowman
Shalom Boy Hebrew Well-being; peace
Shanel Girl French Channel, pipe
Shanley Boy Gaelic Old hero; warrior
Shannon Both Hebrew God is gracious
Sharman Boy English One who shears c...
Shaw Boy English Grove
Shedrick Boy Persian Commanded by Aku
Sheffield Boy English Sheaf pasture; s...
Shelby Both English A place where wi...