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The popularity of surnames as first names has been on the rise for decades for both boys and girls. Creative namers enjoy the familiarity that a surname carries, while also employing that twinge of the unexpected by placing it in a more surprising order. In our collections of surnames baby names, you’ll find both popular (Madison, Mackenzie, Cooper) and surprisingly fresh (Brannon, Ramsay, Trapper) surnames that make wickedly cool first names for kids. Each name page is complete with popularity information, pronunciations and accurate origin and meanings data along with historical tidbits and unique pop culture references. Check out our fab collection of surnames baby names.

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Farquar Boy Gaelic Beloved man
Farquhar Boy Gaelic Beloved man
Farrar Boy English Grey
Farrel Boy Gaelic Descendant of Fe...
Farrell Boy Gaelic Descendant of Fe...
Farrier Boy English Grey; blacksmith
Farrow Girl English Grey
Faulkes Boy English Falcon
Fawcett Boy English Flowery slope
Fawke Boy English Falcon
Fearchar Boy Gaelic Beloved man
Feliciano Boy Latin Happy, lucky, fo...
Fell Boy English Lives by a crag
Felman Boy English Man who lives by...
Felton Boy English Town in the fields
Fenton Boy English Marsh town
Ferguson Boy Gaelic Man of strength
Fielder Boy English One who works th...
Fielding Boy English One who works th...
Fillmore Boy Germanic Well-known
Finch Boy English Finch
Finnegan Boy Gaelic Descendant of Finn
Firth Boy English Woodland
Fisher Boy English One who fishes
Fitzgerald Boy English Gerald's son
Fitzhugh Boy English Hugh's son
Fitzpatrick Boy English Patrick's son
Fleetwood Boy English Stream in the wo...
Fleming Boy English From Flanders
Flemming Boy English From Flanders