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The popularity of surnames as first names has been on the rise for decades for both boys and girls. Creative namers enjoy the familiarity that a surname carries, while also employing that twinge of the unexpected by placing it in a more surprising order. In our collections of surnames baby names, you’ll find both popular (Madison, Mackenzie, Cooper) and surprisingly fresh (Brannon, Ramsay, Trapper) surnames that make wickedly cool first names for kids. Each name page is complete with popularity information, pronunciations and accurate origin and meanings data along with historical tidbits and unique pop culture references. Check out our fab collection of surnames baby names.

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Corliss Boy English Cheerful; joy
Corly Boy English Cornel-tree
Cornelius Boy Latin Horn; horned
Cornell Boy Latin Horn; horned
Cornett Boy French Small horn; dwel...
Corridon Boy Gaelic Spear
Corrigan Boy Gaelic Spear, pointed o...
Corry Both Latin Horn; horned
Cort Boy French Court
Corte Boy French Court
Corteney Both English From Courtenay; ...
Cortez Boy Spanish In triumph; cour...
Cortlan Girl Dutch Short land
Cortland Boy Dutch Short land
Cortnay Both English From Courtenay; ...
Corvin Boy English White castle
Corvinus Boy Latin Little raven
Corwin Boy English White castle
Cory Both Germanic God's peace
Costanza Girl Latin Steadfast
Costello Boy Gaelic Son of Oisdealbh...
Costner Boy Germanic Treasurer
Cottan Boy Welsh Woody hill; cott...
Cotton Boy Welsh Woody hill; cott...
Coty Boy French Riverbank
Coulter Boy English Colt-herd
Court Boy French Court
Courtenay Both English From Courtenay; ...
Courteney Both English From Courtenay; ...
Courtland Boy Dutch Short land