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The popularity of Spanish baby names has blowing up in a big way in the US recently. Regardless of ethnic background, parents are searching for names that are deeply organic, exotic and hot-blooded and nothing else fits the bill like a name of Spanish origin. Spanish is a beautiful language with many lyrical names; from Andres to Vicente, Adriana to Yesenia, our collection of Spanish baby names will set you on the right track to the best choice for your bebé. Browse our Spanish baby names to find a name for your baby boy or girl that is muy caliente!

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Aldonza Girl Spanish Noble war; battl...
Alegría Girl Spanish Happiness
Alejanda Girl Greek Defender
Alejandra Girl Greek Defender
Alejandrina Girl Greek Defender
Alejandro Boy Greek Defender
Alejo Boy Greek Defender
Alexandro Boy Greek Defending men
Alfonsa Girl Germanic Noble and ready/...
Alfonso Boy Germanic Noble and ready/...
Alfonze Boy Germanic Noble and ready/...
Alfonzo Boy Germanic Noble and ready/...
Alfredo Boy English Elf counsel
Alicia Girl Germanic Noble kind; of t...
Alicio Boy French Of noble kind
Alma Girl Hebrew Maiden
Almira Girl Arabic Princess
Aloisio Boy Germanic Fame and war
Alondra Girl Greek Defender
Alonsa Girl Germanic Noble and ready/...
Alonso Boy Germanic Noble and ready/...
Alta Girl Spanish Tall
Altagracia Girl Spanish High Grace
Alvara Girl Germanic Nobel guardian
Alvarez Boy Germanic Noble guardian
Alvaro Boy Germanic Nobel guardian
Amada Girl Latin Beloved
Amadeo Boy Latin Love of God
Amadís Boy Latin Love of God
Amaia Girl Spanish High place