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The popularity of Spanish baby names has blowing up in a big way in the US recently. Regardless of ethnic background, parents are searching for names that are deeply organic, exotic and hot-blooded and nothing else fits the bill like a name of Spanish origin. Spanish is a beautiful language with many lyrical names; from Andres to Vicente, Adriana to Yesenia, our collection of Spanish baby names will set you on the right track to the best choice for your bebé. Browse our Spanish baby names to find a name for your baby boy or girl that is muy caliente!

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Isolda Girl Welsh Beautiful
Jacaranda Girl Spanish Strong odor
Jacián Boy Greek Healer
Jacinto Boy Greek Hyacinth
Jacobo Boy Hebrew Supplanted; held...
Jaime Boy Hebrew Supplanter
Jaira Girl Hebrew He will light up
Jairo Boy Hebrew He will light up
Jandro Boy Greek Defender
Javier Boy Basque New house
Javiera Girl Basque New house
Jazmín Girl Arabic Jasmine
Jemsa Girl Spanish Gem, precious st...
Jerónimo Boy Greek Sacred name
Jesenia Girl Arabic Jasmine flower
Jesusa Girl Hebrew God rescues
Jimena Girl Hebrew Listening
Joaquin Boy Hebrew God will establish
Joel Boy Hebrew The Lord is God
Jorge Boy Greek Earth worker
Jorgina Girl Greek Earth worker
José Boy Hebrew He will enlarge
José Luis Boy Spanish Combination of J...
Josefa Girl Hebrew He will enlarge
Josefina Girl Hebrew He will enlarge
Josefita Girl Hebrew He will enlarge
Joseluis Boy Spanish Combination of J...
Josue Boy Hebrew God rescues
Joviana Girl Greek Zeus
Juan Boy Hebrew God is gracious