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Slavic names are used by the Slavic people of Eastern Europe. Slavic is broken into several subsets of languages, spoken in the Slavic countries of Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Bosnia, Russia, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia. Names on our list of Slavic baby names are those that are directly derived from Old Slavic and those that are used in Slavic countries today. Our Slavic names list contains popularity information, pronunciations and accurate origin and meanings data along with historical tidbits and unique pop culture references for each baby name. If you’re looking to honor your heritage, browse our collection of Slavic baby names for boys and girls.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Ceslav Boy Slovak Honor; glory
Chernobog Boy Slavonic Black God
Chwalibog Boy Polish To praise god
Chwalimir Boy Polish To praise peace
Crnobog Boy Slavonic Black God
Ctibor Boy Slovak Fight with respe...
Ctik Boy Slovak Fight with respe...
Ctislav Boy Slovak Honor; glory
Cvetko Boy Slavonic Blossom
Cyprian Boy Greek Cypriot
Czernobog Boy Slavonic Black God
Dalek Boy Slovak To fight afar
Dalenka Girl Slovak To fight afar
Dalibor Boy Slovak To fight afar
Dalibora Girl Slovak To fight afar
Danilo Boy Hebrew God is my judge
Darko Boy Slavonic Gift
Dazbog Boy Slavonic Giver of fortune...
Dazhbog Boy Slavonic Giver of fortune...
Dazhdbog Boy Slavonic Giver of fortune...
Demetrjusz Boy Greek Earth mother
Demian Boy Greek To tame
Desislav Boy Slavonic Search for glory...
Desislava Girl Slavonic Search for glory...
Dobieslaw Boy Polish Brave + Glory
Dobrogost Boy Polish Hospitable
Dobroslaw Boy Polish Good one
Dragomir Boy Serbian Precious and pea...
Dragoslav Boy Serbian Precious fame
Dragoslava Girl Serbian Precious fame