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Check out baby names from the bard with our collection of Shakespeare baby names. The plays and sonnets of Shakespeare are a literal bounty of baby name inspiration. Shakespeare drew from mythology, history and ancient civilizations to choose names for his well-named characters (both major and minor) and your baby can benefit from all of his hard work and creativity. Choose a name from the drama of the theater for your babe. Consult our offerings of Shakespeare baby names to choose a rich, diverse name that will bring the house down.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Perdita Girl Latin Lost
Peter Boy Greek Stone
Phoebe Girl Greek Bright; moon
Portia Girl Latin Pig
Prospero Boy Latin Prosperous
Regan Both Gaelic N/A
Robin Both Germanic Bright fame
Romeo Boy Italian Pilgrim to Rome
Rosalind Girl Germanic Weak, tender or ...
Rosaline Girl Germanic Weak, tender or ...
Ross Boy Gaelic Bluff or Cliff
Sampson Boy Hebrew Sun
Sebastian Boy Latin Man from Sebaste
Silvia Girl Latin Wooded; forest
Tarquin Boy Latin N/A
Theseus Boy Greek Disposes; orders
Timon Boy Greek Respect god
Titania Girl Latin Uncertain, perha...
Titus Boy Latin N/A
Toby Boy Hebrew God is good
Tybalt Boy Germanic Brave or bold pe...
Ursula Girl Latin Little bear
Valentine Both Latin Healthy, strong
Valeria Girl Latin To be healthy, s...
Viola Girl Latin Violet