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Check out baby names from the bard with our collection of Shakespeare baby names. The plays and sonnets of Shakespeare are a literal bounty of baby name inspiration. Shakespeare drew from mythology, history and ancient civilizations to choose names for his well-named characters (both major and minor) and your baby can benefit from all of his hard work and creativity. Choose a name from the drama of the theater for your babe. Consult our offerings of Shakespeare baby names to choose a rich, diverse name that will bring the house down.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Isabella Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Jacquenetta Girl Hebrew Supplanter
Jessica Girl Literary N/A
Juliet Girl Latin Down-bearded youth
Julius Boy Latin Down-bearded youth
Katherina Girl Greek Pure
Laertes Boy Greek N/A
Laurence Both Latin Man from Laurentum
Lavinia Girl Latin Mother of the Ro...
Lear Boy Germanic Clearing
Luciana Girl Latin Light
Lysander Boy Greek Freeing a man
Lysandre Boy Greek Freeing a man
Malcolm Boy Gaelic Columba's servant
Marcus Boy Latin From the god Mars
Marina Girl Latin From the god Mars
Mercutio Boy Latin Related to the g...
Miranda Girl Latin She who must be ...
Montague Boy French Pointed hill
Nerissa Girl Greek Sea sprite
Oberon Boy German Noble bear
Octavia Girl Latin Eighth
Octavius Boy Latin Eighth
Olivia Girl English Elf army
Ophelia Girl Greek Help; aid
Orlando Boy Germanic Famous country
Oswald Boy German Uncertain, possi...
Othello Boy German Wealth
Paris Both Greek N/A
Paulina Girl Latin Small; humble