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Ah, the Scots! That brave, reckless, heroic tribe of Celts that migrated to Scotland from Northern Ireland has a rich heritage of baby names that never fail to get one’s heart pumping. Much like Scottish hero William Wallace of Braveheart fame, we want to motivate you to charge headfirst into that battle and come out on the other side with the FREEDOM of knowing that you’ve found the perfect baby name. For that inspiration, check out our epic list of Scottish baby names. It includes Scottish names from traditional Gaelic to modern Scots, each with popularity stats, meanings data and proper pronunciation and gender information.

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Fionnaghuala Girl Gaelic Fair shoulder, w...
Fionnlagh Boy Gaelic Fair warrior
Forbes Boy Gaelic Field
Frang Boy Latin From France
Frāngag Girl Latin From France
Fraser Boy English Uncertain, perha...
Galloway Boy Gaelic Foreign Gaels
Gavin Boy Welsh White hawk of ba...
Gavina Girl Welsh White hawk of ba...
Gavinia Girl Welsh White hawk of ba...
Gibidh Boy Germanic Bright oath
Gilchrist Boy Gaelic Christ's servant
Gillanders Boy Gaelic Servant of St An...
Gilleabart Boy Germanic Bright oath
Gilleonan Boy Gaelic St Adomnan's ser...
Gillespie Boy Gaelic Servant of the b...
Gillies Boy Gaelic Servant of Christ
Glen Boy Gaelic Valley
Glenna Girl Gaelic Valley in the mo...
Goiridh Boy Germanic God's peace
Gordon Boy English Large fort
Gordona Girl English Large fort
Gordy Boy English Large fort
Gormlaith Girl Gaelic Blue princess
Graham Boy English Abode
Grant Boy French Great; tall
Greer Both Greek Watcher
Gregory Boy Greek Watcher
Griogair Boy Greek Watcher
Hailey Both English Hay clearing or ...