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Ah, the Scots! That brave, reckless, heroic tribe of Celts that migrated to Scotland from Northern Ireland has a rich heritage of baby names that never fail to get one’s heart pumping. Much like Scottish hero William Wallace of Braveheart fame, we want to motivate you to charge headfirst into that battle and come out on the other side with the FREEDOM of knowing that you’ve found the perfect baby name. For that inspiration, check out our epic list of Scottish baby names. It includes Scottish names from traditional Gaelic to modern Scots, each with popularity stats, meanings data and proper pronunciation and gender information.

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Coll Boy Gaelic Hazel tree
Collin Boy Gaelic Dove
Conall Boy Gaelic Strong wolf
Constantine Boy Latin Steadfast
Cormag Boy Gaelic Son of raven
Cowie Boy Gaelic Hazel
Craig Boy Gaelic Cliff; rock
Crawford Boy English Crow ford
Criosaidh Girl Latin Follower of Christ
Crisdean Boy Greek Bearer of Christ
Cuithbeart Boy English Famous and clever
Currey Boy English From the river C...
Currie Boy Gaelic Wet plain, marsh
Curry Boy English From the river C...
Cuthbert Boy English Famous and clever
Dáibhidh Boy Hebrew Beloved
Dalzell Boy Gaelic White field
Dalziel Boy Gaelic White field
Darach Boy Gaelic Black oak
Davina Girl Hebrew Beloved
Denholm Boy English Piece of dry lan...
Denny Both Greek Feaster
Deòiridh Girl Gaelic Pilgrim
Deòrsa Boy Greek Earth worker
Devorgilla Girl N/A A pledge
Diarmad Boy Gaelic Free man
Diorbhail Girl Gaelic A pledge
Dolaidh Boy Gaelic World rule
Dolly Girl Greek Gift of god
Domhnall Boy Gaelic World rule