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The Scandinavian countries (also referred to as Norse or Nordic) consist of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden and our names list consist of names from those countries and also those that originate from Old Norse. The region's Viking history and mythology is very appealing to parents with Scandinavian ancestry or those that love the history of the area. Scandinavian names are visually exotic to most native English speakers and may be just the perfect solution for those looking for a baby name that is “different” but not “too different”. Do names like Thorben, Aksel, Famke or Freya tickle your fancy? If so, check out our collection of Scandinavian baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Jens Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Jensen Boy Finnish Son of Johannes
Jensine Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Jenson Boy Finnish Son of Johannes
Jeremias Boy Hebrew God will raise u...
Jeroen Boy Greek Sacred name
Johan Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Jonathan Boy Hebrew God has given; g...
Jordaan Boy Hebrew Descend; flow down
Josef Boy Hebrew He will enlarge
Jozua Boy Hebrew God rescues
Jørgen Boy Greek Earth worker
Kaia Girl Greek Pure
Kaj Boy Latin Rejoice
Kaja Girl Greek Pure
Karen Girl Greek Pure
Karl Boy Germanic Free man
Karla Girl German Free man
Karolina Girl German Free man
Katrine Girl Greek Pure
Kenet Boy Gaelic Born of fire
Kennet Boy Gaelic Born of fire
Kettil Boy Swedish Sacrificial caul...
Kjell Boy Norwegian Helmet; protection
Knut Boy Norse Knot
Knute Boy Norse Knot
Konstantin Boy Latin Steadfast
Konur Boy Norse Uncertain meaning
Krister Boy Greek Bearer of Christ
Kristin Girl Latin Follower of Christ