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Get inspired by our collection of Sanskrit baby names! If you are inspired by philosophy and spirituality of Buddhism and Hinduism, you might be looking for a Sanskrit name for your little one. Our Sanskrit baby names list contains popularity information, pronunciations and accurate origin and meanings data along with historical tidbits and unique pop culture references for each baby name. Sanskrit is the primary language of Hinduism and encompasses a rich tradition of poetry, literature and spiritualism. Many Sanskrit words are used as names, and many names used throughout India are of Sanskrit origin. Check out our list of Sanskrit baby names to find the perfect baby name for your baby.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Babhru Boy Sanskrit Fire; fierce; br...
Badal Boy Sanskrit Cloud
Badara Boy Sanskrit Jujube tree
Badarayana Boy Sanskrit Belongs to the J...
Badari Girl Sanskrit Jujube tree
Bahula Both Sanskrit Abundant
Bahumanya Boy Sanskrit Esteemed and hon...
Bahurai Boy Sanskrit With great wealth
Bakul Both Sanskrit Resembles a cran...
Bakula Both Sanskrit Resembles a cran...
Bakuli Girl Sanskrit Resembles a cran...
Bakur Boy Sanskrit Thunderbolt; hor...
Bakura Boy Sanskrit Thunderbolt; hor...
Bala Both Sanskrit Power; strength;...
Balabhadra Boy Sanskrit Power, powerful
Balachandra Boy Sanskrit Crescent moon
Baladeva Boy Sanskrit Young god
Baladhi Boy Sanskrit With great insig...
Baladhitya Boy Sanskrit Risen sun
Baladitya Boy Sanskrit Risen sun
Balagopal Boy Sanskrit Young cow-herd
Balagopala Boy Sanskrit Young cow-herd
Balagovind Boy Sanskrit Young cow-herd
Balagovinda Boy Sanskrit Young cow-herd
Balaji Boy Sanskrit Strong
Balakrishna Boy Sanskrit Young Krishna
Balakrishnan Boy Indian Young Krishna
Balamani Boy Sanskrit Small jewel
Balamohan Boy Sanskrit Attractive one
Balamohana Boy Sanskrit Attractive one