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Get inspired by our collection of Sanskrit baby names! If you are inspired by philosophy and spirituality of Buddhism and Hinduism, you might be looking for a Sanskrit name for your little one. Our Sanskrit baby names list contains popularity information, pronunciations and accurate origin and meanings data along with historical tidbits and unique pop culture references for each baby name. Sanskrit is the primary language of Hinduism and encompasses a rich tradition of poetry, literature and spiritualism. Many Sanskrit words are used as names, and many names used throughout India are of Sanskrit origin. Check out our list of Sanskrit baby names to find the perfect baby name for your baby.

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Visakha Boy Sanskrit Branched
Visal Boy Sanskrit Spacious
Visala Both Sanskrit Spacious
Visesa Boy Sanskrit Distinguished
Vishakha Boy Sanskrit Branched
Vishala Girl Sanskrit Spacious
Vishesh Boy Sanskrit Distinguished
Vishnu Boy Sanskrit The All-pervading
Vishodhan Boy Sanskrit Cleansing
Vishok Boy Sanskrit Without grief
Vishva Both Sanskrit Entire; all
Vishwa Both Sanskrit Entire; all
Vishwajit Boy Sanskrit Conqueror of all
Vishwam Boy Sanskrit Universal
Vishwanath Boy Sanskrit Master of the un...
Vishwarup Boy Sanskrit Embodiment of th...
Vishwas Boy Sanskrit Confidence
Vishwesh Boy Sanskrit Lord of the univ...
Visikha Boy Sanskrit Arrow; dart
Visita Boy Sanskrit Light before dusk
Visodhana Boy Sanskrit Cleansing
Visoka Boy Sanskrit Without grief
Visrama Boy Sanskrit Tranquil; at ease
Visva Both Sanskrit Entire; all
Visvajit Boy Sanskrit Conqueror of all
Visvama Boy Sanskrit Universal
Visvanatha Boy Sanskrit Master of the un...
Visvarupa Boy Sanskrit Embodiment of th...
Visvasa Boy Sanskrit Confidence
Visvesa Boy Sanskrit Lord of the univ...