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You’re cultivating a heavenly bundle; why not name your babe after a Saint? Thank goodness there are plenty to choose from! Although some saints names are somewhat dated (like Agnes, Mildred or Godfrey) or basically unusable (umm…Bobo, Fingar. Sexberga?), our Saints baby names list contains all of the best! Get popularity information, pronunciations and accurate origin and meanings data along with historical tidbits and unique pop culture references for each baby name in our list. If you’re looking for a Saints baby name you don’t have to settle for the “same old, same old” like Francis, John or Mary. Browse our saints baby names to find some truly unique saints names for your baby.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Casimir Boy Polish Keeping the peace
Cassian Boy Latin Empty; poor; rob...
Cassius Boy Latin Empty; poor; rob...
Castor Boy Greek Beaver
Cécile Girl Latin Blind
Cecilia Girl Latin Blind
Cecília Girl Latin Blind
Cecylia Girl Latin Blind
Celso Boy Latin Tall
Cenue Boy Welsh Offspring, cub
Chad Boy English N/A
Christina Girl Latin Follower of Christ
Christopher Boy Greek Bearer of Christ
Cianán Boy Gaelic Little ancient one
Ciara Girl Gaelic Dark
Ciarán Boy Gaelic Little dark one
Cillian Boy Gaelic War; strife; bri...
Clare Girl Latin Clear; bright; f...
Claudia Girl Latin Disabled
Claudius Boy Latin Disabled
Clement Boy Latin Merciful, mild, ...
Clotaire Boy Germanic Glorious strength
Clothilde Girl Germanic Famous in battle
Clotilda Girl Germanic Famous in battle
Clotilde Girl Germanic Famous in battle
Collen Boy Welsh Hazel tree
Colmán Boy Latin Dove
Columba Boy Latin Dove
Columbanus Boy Latin Dove
Conan Boy Gaelic Little wolf hound