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Our collection of Polynesian baby names is a selection of names used by the native people of Polynesia: Hawaii, New Zealand, Samoa, Tonga and French Polynesia. These islands are comprised of many ethnic groups with their own languages and cultures. These names capture the idyllic, carefree lifestyle of Polynesia. Each name detail page contains popularity, pronunciations, origins and meanings data, along with historical and cultural facts for each baby name. Harness the diversity, culture and exotic nature of the islands by choosing a name from our Polynesian baby names list for your baby.

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Anakoni Boy Latin N/A
Anatoni Boy Latin N/A
Anederea Boy Greek Man
Anekelea Boy Greek Man
Anela Both Hawaiian Angel
Aniani Both Hawaiian Mirror, glass; c...
Ano Both Hawaiian Awe, reverence; ...
Anuenue Both Hawaiian Rainbow
Anuenue Akua Both Hawaiian God's rainbow
Anuhea Both Hawaiian Cool, soft fragr...
Aoatea Girl Maori Dawn
Aolani Both Hawaiian Heavenly cloud
Aoloa Both Hawaiian Long cloud; dist...
Aonani Both Hawaiian Beautiful daylight
Aouli Both Hawaiian Firmament, sky
Aowena Both Hawaiian Rosy cloud
Apela Boy Hebrew Breath
Apelahama Boy Hebrew Father of a mult...
Apera Boy Maori Breath
Aperahama Boy Maori Father of a migh...
Apika'ila Girl Hebrew My father is joy
Apikai Boy Hebrew My father is a g...
Aramoana Girl Maori Pathway to the o...
Arana Boy Maori Rock
Aranga Girl Maori Easter
Arapeta Boy Maori Noble and famous
Arataki Girl Maori To lead
Aremana Boy French Powerful man
Areta Girl Maori Of noble kind
Arihi Girl Pacific Is... Of noble kind