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Our collection of Polynesian baby names is a selection of names used by the native people of Polynesia: Hawaii, New Zealand, Samoa, Tonga and French Polynesia. These islands are comprised of many ethnic groups with their own languages and cultures. These names capture the idyllic, carefree lifestyle of Polynesia. Each name detail page contains popularity, pronunciations, origins and meanings data, along with historical and cultural facts for each baby name. Harness the diversity, culture and exotic nature of the islands by choosing a name from our Polynesian baby names list for your baby.

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Kaiulu Both Hawaiian Sea at full tide...
Kaiwhakako Girl Maori Teacher
Kaiwharawha... Girl Maori Feather from an ...
Kakahi Both Hawaiian Unique, outstand...
Kakahu Girl Maori Cloak
Kakahutapiki Girl Maori A cloak that cou...
Kakama Girl Maori Nimble, quick
Kakarauri Girl Maori Dusk; garment of...
Kakariki Girl Maori Green
Kake Girl Maori To arise or climb
Kakielekea Both Hawaiian The white gardenia
Kakumulani Both Hawaiian The horizon
Kala Both Sanskrit The fine arts
Kalaheo Both Hawaiian The proud day
Kalama Both Hawaiian The torch, the l...
Kalani Both Hawaiian The heaven; the ...
Kaleho Both Hawaiian The cowry shell
Kalei Both Hawaiian The wreath of fl...
Kaleo Both Hawaiian The voice
Kaleoaloha Both Hawaiian The voice of love
Kaleolani Both Hawaiian Spiritual saying
Kalia Both Hawaiian Hawaiian tree
Kama hele Both Hawaiian The traveller
Kamaha'o Both Hawaiian Wonderful, aston...
Kamaka Both Hawaiian The eye
Kamakana Both Hawaiian The gift
Kamakani Both Hawaiian The wind
Kamalani Both Hawaiian Chief's child
Kamalei Both Hawaiian Beloved child
Kamamalu Both Hawaiian The protection