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Using place names for baby names is currently as hot as the Sahara (or as cool as Aspen), because they often sound unique or may have special significance. But please note: Just because you got pregnant in Honolulu or you hail from Hoboken doesn't mean you have to holla by giving that town name to your baby! Each name page in our places names collection comes complete with popularity information, pronunciations and accurate origin and meanings data along with historical tidbits and unique pop culture references. Find a place name for your baby and let the whole world know that he or she is going places!

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Currey Boy English From the river C...
Currie Boy Gaelic Wet plain, marsh
Curry Boy English From the river C...
Dacey Boy Gaelic Of the Decies
Dacia Girl Latin From Dacia
Dallas Both Gaelic Meadow stance
Darnel Boy English Hidden alcove, h...
Darwin Boy English Dear friend
Dasia Girl Greek Gift of God
Dayton Boy English Town of the dale...
Delius Boy Latin Of Delos
Delmar Both Spanish Of the sea
Delos Boy Greek Greek island
Demelza Girl Cornish Place in the par...
Denham Boy English Valley homestead
Denley Boy English Valley wood, val...
Denver Boy English Dane crossing
Denzell Boy Cornish N/A
Destin Boy American E... N/A
Devon Both English Men of Devon
Dicle Girl Turkish A river
Digby Boy English Dyke farm, dyke ...
Dimona Girl Hebrew Uncertain meaning
Dryden Boy English Dry valley
Dunham Boy English Hill homestead
Ede Boy Frisian Noble
Edessa Girl Greek Name of Macedoni...
Edina Girl Latin Edinburgh
Egmond Boy Germanic Protector of the...
Eira Girl Welsh Snow