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Using place names for baby names is currently as hot as the Sahara (or as cool as Aspen), because they often sound unique or may have special significance. But please note: Just because you got pregnant in Honolulu or you hail from Hoboken doesn't mean you have to holla by giving that town name to your baby! Each name page in our places names collection comes complete with popularity information, pronunciations and accurate origin and meanings data along with historical tidbits and unique pop culture references. Find a place name for your baby and let the whole world know that he or she is going places!

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Clarence Boy English Of Clare
Clark Boy English Man of learning;...
Claxton Boy English Clacc's settlement
Claydon Boy English Clay hill
Clayton Boy English Clay settlment
Clelland Boy Gaelic Descendant of Fa...
Cleveland Boy English Slope land
Clifton Boy English Slope settlement
Clinton Boy English Settlement on th...
Cluny Boy Gaelic Deceitful; flatt...
Clyde Boy Gaelic N/A
Colborn Boy English Cold stream
Colbourne Boy English Cold stream
Colburn Boy English Cold stream
Colma Both Latin Dove
Colmar Boy English [famed victory]
Colorado Boy Spanish Colorful
Corban Boy Gaelic A steep hill
Corben Boy Gaelic A steep hill
Corbin Boy Gaelic A steep hill
Corly Boy English Cornel-tree
Costanza Girl Latin Steadfast
Cottan Boy Welsh Woody hill; cott...
Cotton Boy Welsh Woody hill; cott...
Coty Boy French Riverbank
Cowie Boy Gaelic Hazel
Crawford Boy English Crow ford
Creste Boy French Crest of a hill
Croydon Boy English Saffron valley
Cuba Boy Native Ame... Name of country;...