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Using place names for baby names is currently as hot as the Sahara (or as cool as Aspen), because they often sound unique or may have special significance. But please note: Just because you got pregnant in Honolulu or you hail from Hoboken doesn't mean you have to holla by giving that town name to your baby! Each name page in our places names collection comes complete with popularity information, pronunciations and accurate origin and meanings data along with historical tidbits and unique pop culture references. Find a place name for your baby and let the whole world know that he or she is going places!

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Pembroke Boy Welsh Headland
Persia Girl English Persia
Peyton Boy English Settlement of Pga
Philadelphia Girl Greek Brotherly love
Philipi Boy Greek Of Philip
Phoenix Both Greek Phoenix; deep red
Ponce Boy Latin Fifth
Preston Boy English Priest settlement
Radcliff Boy English Red cliff
Radford Boy English Red ford
Radley Boy English Red wood; red cl...
Raleigh Boy English Red wood; red cl...
Ramsay Boy English Wild garlic island
Ramsey Boy English Wild garlic island
Rand Boy Germanic Shield rim
Ratcliffe Boy English Red cliff
Reading Boy English People of Reada;...
Redmon Boy Gaelic Son of Raymond
Regina Girl Latin Queen
Rehan Both Arabic Scented
Remington Boy English Settlement on th...
Renton Boy English Settlement assoc...
Richmond Boy Germanic Powerful protect...
Riddic Boy English Farm where reeds...
Riddick Boy English Farm where reeds...
Riley Both English Rye clearing
Rio Both Spanish River
Ripley Boy English Separate; uncult...
Riyad Boy Arabic Fruit plantation...
Rochester Boy English Roof of a fort