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Using place names for baby names is currently as hot as the Sahara (or as cool as Aspen), because they often sound unique or may have special significance. But please note: Just because you got pregnant in Honolulu or you hail from Hoboken doesn't mean you have to holla by giving that town name to your baby! Each name page in our places names collection comes complete with popularity information, pronunciations and accurate origin and meanings data along with historical tidbits and unique pop culture references. Find a place name for your baby and let the whole world know that he or she is going places!

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Israel Boy Hebrew God wrestler
Iulia Girl Latin Down-bearded youth
Jackson Boy English Jack's son
Jaffa Girl Hebrew Wonderful
Jagur Boy Hebrew Place of rest
Jaina Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Japan Boy Sanskrit To mutter a prayer
Jaroslaw Boy Slavonic Famous for his s...
Java Both Possibly 'home' ...
Jawa Both N/A
Jeannet Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Jedda Both English Jet-black gemstone
Jericho Boy Hebrew City of moon god...
Jersey Both Norse Earth isle
Jordan Both Hebrew Descend; flow down
Kanchi Girl Sanskrit A sacred city
Kanye Boy African N/A
Kara Both Gaelic Friend
Kas Boy Persian Treasurer
Keaton Boy English Kite town
Keir Boy Gaelic Little dark one;...
Kelby Both English Child's town
Kelsey Both English Cenel's land
Kelvin Boy English From the River C...
Kendal Both Gaelic Valley of the Ri...
Kendall Both Gaelic Valley of the Ri...
Kenitra Girl Arabic Small bridge
Kent Boy English Uncertain, perha...
Kenya Both English The country of K...
Keri Girl Gaelic Country of the c...