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Norwegian names are used in the country of Norway in northern Europe. Names used in Norway are the same as those that are popular elsewhere in Scandinavia. Some popular Norwegian baby names seem very different to native English speakers (like Alfhild, Dorte and Eystein) and others seem almost commonplace (Anne, Camilla and Erik), but all choices are interesting to explore; some have been in constant use since the time of the Vikings! If you are Norwegian, have Norwegian ancestry or have a liking for Norwegian culture, then you may enjoy browsing our selection of Norwegian baby names for ideas and options.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Norville Boy Norwegian Village in the n...
Ola Both Norwegian Ancestor
Olaf Boy Norse Ancestor
Peder Boy Greek Stone
Ragnar Boy Norwegian Strong army
Ragnhild Girl Germanic Counsellor in ba...
Roald Boy Norwegian Notorious ruler
Roar Boy English Famous spear
Salme Girl Norse Maiden's hall
Salmei Girl Norse Maiden's hall
Salm°y Girl Norse Maiden's hall
Sarah Girl Hebrew Princess
Sebastian Boy Latin Man from Sebaste
Sigbj÷rn Boy Swedish Victory bear
Skjolddis Girl Norse Shield maiden
Skjoldis Girl Norse Shield maiden
Solm°y Girl Norse Maiden's hall
Solveig Girl German House of power
Soren Boy Italian Stern, severe
Steinar Boy Norwegian Defender + stone
Stian Boy Norwegian Wanderer
Stig Boy Norse Wanderer
Sunhild Girl Norse Battle of the sun
Sunniva Girl English Sun gift
Sveinn Boy Norse Strong youth
Swain Boy Norse Boy, lad
Telmar Boy Literary Will; wish
Teodor Boy Greek Gift of God
Thiassi Boy Norse Uncertain meaning
Thor Boy Norse Thunder