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Norwegian names are used in the country of Norway in northern Europe. Names used in Norway are the same as those that are popular elsewhere in Scandinavia. Some popular Norwegian baby names seem very different to native English speakers (like Alfhild, Dorte and Eystein) and others seem almost commonplace (Anne, Camilla and Erik), but all choices are interesting to explore; some have been in constant use since the time of the Vikings! If you are Norwegian, have Norwegian ancestry or have a liking for Norwegian culture, then you may enjoy browsing our selection of Norwegian baby names for ideas and options.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Balder Boy Norwegian He who spreads t...
Baldur Boy Norwegian He who spreads t...
Benedikta Girl Latin Blessed
Benedikte Girl Latin Blessed
Bera Both Norse Bear
Berthina Girl Germanic Bright
Birger Boy Norwegian To protect
Birgitte Girl Gaelic The exalted one
Bjarte Boy Norse Bright
Bodil Girl Norse Cure or remedy f...
Brede Boy Norse Poleaxe
Brenda Girl Norse Sword
Broder Boy Norse Brother
Brynhild Girl Germanic Battle armour
Canute Boy Norse Knot
Cecilie Girl Latin Blind
Christer Boy Latin Follower of Christ
Claus Boy Greek Victory of the p...
Cnut Boy Norse Knot
Dag Boy Norse Day
Dagny Girl Norse New day
Dellinger Boy N/A N/A
Dierk Boy Germanic Ruler of the peo...
Edies Boy Greek Shield
Edvard Boy English Wealth protector
Egil Boy Norse Sword
Eilif Boy Norwegian Immortal
Eiliv Boy Norwegian Immortal
Einar Boy Norse Lone warrior; ba...
Eirik Boy Norse Eternal ruler