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The Normans played a huge cultural role in settling Europe, and they brought their names along with them. Names of Norman origin proliferated rapidly and now are some of the most popular names in Europe and North America, even though many parents probably donít realize it. The Normans were descendants of the Vikings who settled in a part of northern France they called Normandy. When the Normans conquered England, many of the Old English names were replaced by Norman names that we use today (like Henry, William and Richard). Unlock the mysteries of history and browse our Norman baby names collection today.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Daubeney Boy English Albinius' place
Dewey Boy English N/A
Dillon Boy Welsh N/A
Disney Boy English From Isigny
Durand Boy French Enduring
Durant Boy French Enduring
Fraser Boy English Uncertain, perha...
Gaines Boy English Ingenuity, trick...
Garbutt Boy Germanic Spear + messenge...
Gunnora Girl Norse Wary in battle
Hain Boy English Hawthorn tree
Haines Boy English Hawthorn tree
Hardy Boy Germanic Strong, hardy
Harlow Boy English Hill with heap o...
Harold Boy English Leader of an army
Herve Boy Breton Battle worthy or...
Humphrey Boy Germanic Peaceful warrior
Ing Boy Norse N/A
Ivar Boy Norse Bow warriors, ar...
Jocelyn Both French Tribal name of t...
Lever Boy French Hare
Lisle Boy French Island
Louve Girl English Female wolf
Love Girl English Love; female wolf
Lovell Boy English Wolf
Lovella Girl English Wolf
Lyle Boy French Island
Melville Boy French Bad town
Melvin Boy English Uncertain, possi...
Mortimer Boy French Dead sea