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The Nordic countries (also referred to as Scandinavia) consist of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, and our names list consist of names from those countries as well as those that originate from Old Norse. The region's Viking history and mythology is very appealing to parents with Scandinavian ancestry or those that love the history of the area. Nordic names are visually exotic to most native English speakers and may be just the perfect solution for those looking for a baby name that is “different” but not “too different”. Do names like Thorben, Aksel, Famke or Freya tickle your fancy? If so, check out our collection of Nordic baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Halfdanr Boy Norse Half Dane
Halvdan Boy Norse Half Dane
Hans Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Herdis Girl Norse Warrior's woman;...
Hjordís Girl Norse Sword maiden
Hjørdis Girl Norse Sword maiden
Idun Girl Norse To renew nature
Iduna Girl Norse To renew nature
Iðunn Girl Norse To renew nature
Idunna Girl Norse To renew nature
Iðunnr Girl Norse To renew nature
Inga Girl Norse Ing's aid
Ingdis Girl Norse Woman of Ing
Ingdor Boy Norse Ing + Thor
Ingdora Girl Norse Ing + Thor
Ingebjørg Girl Norse Ing's aid
Ingefred Both Norse Ing's peace
Ingegjerd Girl Norse Ing's place
Ingegun Girl Norse Ing's battle
Ingert Boy Norse Ing's strength; ...
Ingfred Boy Norse Ing's peace
Inghard Boy Norse Ing's strength; ...
Inghart Boy Norse Ing's strength; ...
Ingigerður Girl Norse Ing's place
Ingigunnur Girl Norse Ing's battle
Ingisól Girl Norse Ing's hall; Ing'...
Ingithora Girl Norse Ing + Thor
Ingiþór Boy Norse Ing + Thor
Ingjard Girl Norse Ing's place
Ingjerd Girl Norse Ing's place