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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Vivie Girl Latin Alive
Vivike Girl Latin Alive
Vlad Boy Russian Rule
Vonetta Girl French Yew
Vonnie Girl French Yew
Vy Girl Latin Alive
Wald Boy Germanic Ruler of the law
Walda Girl Germanic Ruler
Waldo Boy Germanic Ruler
Walercia Girl Latin Valiant
Walerka Girl Latin Valiant
Wallie Boy Germanic Ruler of the army
Wally Boy Germanic Ruler of the army
Walt Boy Germanic Ruler of the army
Wandeczka Girl Slavonic N/A
Wandusia Girl Slavonic N/A
Wandzia Girl Slavonic N/A
Wat Boy Germanic Ruler of the army
Wena Girl Welsh N/A
Wera Girl Polish Sincere
Werka Girl Greek Victory bringer
Weronka Girl Greek Victory bringer
Wes Boy English Western meadow
Wess Boy English Western meadow
Whit Boy English White
Wi Boy Pacific Is... Helmet of determ...
Wiebke Both Frisian Uncertain either...
Wies Both Germanic Fame and war
Wiesia Girl Russian All glory
Wieska Girl Russian All glory