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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Stan Boy English Meadow that is s...
Star Girl Latin Star
Stas Boy Slavonic Ruler + Glory
Stasia Girl Greek Resurrection
Stasja Girl Greek Resurrection
Staszka Girl Slavonic Famous for his s...
Stefcia Girl Greek Crown
Steffi Girl Greek Crown
Stefka Girl Greek Crown
Stepánka Girl Greek Crown
Steph Boy Greek Crown
Stephi Girl Greek Crown
Stephie Girl Greek Crown
Steve Boy Greek Crown
Stevie Both Greek Crown
Stew Boy English Guardian of the ...
Stijn Boy Germanic Stone
Stu Boy English Guardian of the ...
Sue Girl Hebrew Lily
Sukie Girl Hebrew Lily
Sullie Boy Gaelic Keen eye
Sully Boy Gaelic Keen eye
Susie Girl Hebrew Lily
Susy Girl Hebrew Lily
Suzette Girl Hebrew Lily
Suzie Girl Hebrew Lily
Suzon Girl Hebrew Lily
Sveta Girl Russian Light
Sy Girl Latin Of the forest
Syd Girl English Wide meadow