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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Risha Girl Indian The lunar month ...
Rita Girl Greek Pearl
Ritchie Boy French Strong power; ha...
Riva Girl Hebrew To bind
Rivi Girl Hebrew To bind
Rivkele Girl Hebrew To bind
Rob Boy Germanic Bright fame
Robb Boy Germanic Bright fame
Robbie Boy Germanic Bright fame
Robby Boy Germanic Bright fame
Rocha Girl Hebrew Ewe
Rock Boy English Stone
Rocky Boy English Stone; stoney, c...
Rod Boy English Renown island
Roddie Boy English Renown island
Roddy Boy English Renown island
Rodge Boy English Famous spear
Roel Boy Germanic Famous country
Rollie Girl Germanic Famous country
Rolly Boy Germanic Famous country
Roly Boy Germanic Famous country
Roma Both Italian Rome
Romey Girl Latin Sea dew
Romy Girl Latin Sea dew
Ron Both Norse Ruler with counsel
Roni Both Hebrew My song
Ronnie Boy Norse Ruler with counsel
Ronny Both Norse Ruler with counsel
Roo Both English N/A
Rori Girl Gaelic Red king