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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Ollie Boy French Elf army
Olya Girl German Holy
Ottie Girl Germanic Wealth
Ouida Girl Germanic Fame and war
Ozzy Boy English Divine spear
Paco Boy Latin From France
Paddie Boy Latin Patrician
Paddy Boy Latin Patrician
Páid Boy Latin Patrician
Pam Girl English N/A
Pammie Girl English N/A
Pammy Girl English N/A
Pana Girl Greek Preparation
Pancho Boy Latin From France
Pasha Both Greek Passover
Pat Both Latin Patrician
Pati Both Native Ame... Baskets of fish
Patsy Girl Latin A patrician
Patti Girl Latin A patrician
Pattie Girl Latin A patrician
Patty Girl Latin A patrician
Paulinka Girl Latin Small; humble
Peaches Girl English Peaches
Peg Girl Greek Pearl
Peggie Girl Greek Pearl
Peggy Girl Greek Pearl
Pela Girl Greek Of the Sea
Pelunia Girl Greek Of the Sea
Pen Girl Greek Weaver; duck
Penni Girl Greek Weaver; duck