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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Daryusha Girl Persian Maintain well; p...
Dash Boy French From Chiel
Dasha Girl Persian Maintain well; p...
Dashenka Girl Persian Maintain well; p...
Dasia Girl Greek Gift of God
Dato Boy Central As... Beloved
Dave Boy Hebrew Beloved
Davette Girl Hebrew Beloved
Davey Boy Hebrew Beloved
Davie Boy Hebrew Beloved
Davy Boy Hebrew Beloved
Daz Boy Welsh Burnt land; hill
Debbi Girl Hebrew Bee
Debbie Girl Hebrew A bee
Debby Girl Hebrew A bee
Debs Girl Hebrew A bee
Dedrick Boy Germanic Ruler of the peo...
Dee Both English N/A
Deeg Boy Sanskrit Direction; sky
Deike Girl Germanic People
Deke Boy English Ditch, trench
Dela Girl Germanic Noble
Delana Girl French From the humid l...
Delia Girl Latin Of Delos
Della Girl Germanic Noble
Delpha Girl Greek Brotherly love
Demi Girl Greek Earth mother
Den Boy Hebrew God is my judge
Desi Both Latin Longed for
Dic Boy French Well built, hardy