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Give your child a name inspired by the limitless world of nature and change perspectives while showing appreciation for its beauty. These names come straight from Mother Nature, and pay respect to all living beings around us--plants, animals, the earth and sky! Nature names are certainly on trend in today’s eco-conscious climate. Our nature baby name pages include gender and pronunciation, meaning, popularity info, notable namesakes and pop culture references about each name. Search for the perfect baby name for your baby from our nature names collection and consider names that go green!

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Arpeni Girl Armenian Sun
Arpi Girl Armenian Sun
Arpig Girl Armenian Sun
Arpine Girl Armenian Sun
Arshag Boy Persian Bear's cup
Arshaganoush Girl Armenian Sweet bear's cup
Arshagouhi Girl Persian Bear's cup
Arshalouys Both Armenian Dawn
Arshig Girl Armenian Dawn
Arsho Girl Armenian Dawn
Aruhe Girl Maori Fern root
Arza Girl Hebrew Cedar
Arzi Boy Hebrew My cedar tree
Arzit Girl Hebrew Little cedar
Arzon Boy Hebrew Little cedar
Ascan Boy Germanic (Spear) of the w...
Asdghig Girl Armenian Little star
Asdig Girl Armenian Little star
Asghig Girl Armenian Little star
Ash Both English Ash tree
Ashlea Girl English Ash wood
Ashlee Girl English Ash wood
Ashleigh Girl English Ash wood
Ashley Both English Ash wood
Ashlie Girl English Ash wood
Ashoun Girl Armenian Autumn, fall
Asita Boy Sanskrit Tranquil; dark, ...
Askan Boy Germanic (Spear) of the w...
Aslesa Boy Sanskrit Embrace; a const...
Asmin Girl Armenian Jasmine