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Give your child a name inspired by the limitless world of nature and change perspectives while showing appreciation for its beauty. These names come straight from Mother Nature, and pay respect to all living beings around us--plants, animals, the earth and sky! Nature names are certainly on trend in today’s eco-conscious climate. Our nature baby name pages include gender and pronunciation, meaning, popularity info, notable namesakes and pop culture references about each name. Search for the perfect baby name for your baby from our nature names collection and consider names that go green!

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Vasanti Girl Sanskrit Spring; saffron
Vayle Boy English Valley, usually ...
Vela Girl Sanskrit Shore; coast
Veni Girl Sanskrit Braid
Venu Boy Sanskrit Bamboo
Venus Girl Latin Beauty; delight
Verbena Girl Latin Holy plant
Vered Both Hebrew Rose
Vesa Boy Finnish Young plant, sap...
Vibhata Boy Sanskrit Sunrise
Vihang Boy Sanskrit Bird
Vihanga Boy Sanskrit Bird
Vijul Boy Sanskrit Silkcotton tree
Vijula Boy Sanskrit Silkcotton tree
Vijuli Girl Sanskrit Silkcotton tree
Viola Girl Latin Violet
Violet Girl Latin Violet
Violette Girl Latin Violet
Visita Boy Sanskrit Light before dusk
Volf Boy Yiddish Wolf
Vrinda Girl Sanskrit Cluster of flowers
Vyoma Boy Sanskrit Sky; heaven
Vyomesa Boy Sanskrit Lord of the heav...
Wainani Both Hawaiian Beautiful water
Wana'ao Both Hawaiian Dawn
Wana'aonani Both Hawaiian Beautiful dawn
Washi Boy Japanese Eagle; from a tr...
Willow Both English Willow
Windy Girl English Blustery, breezy
Winter Both English Winter