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Give your child a name inspired by the limitless world of nature and change perspectives while showing appreciation for its beauty. These names come straight from Mother Nature, and pay respect to all living beings around us--plants, animals, the earth and sky! Nature names are certainly on trend in today’s eco-conscious climate. Our nature baby name pages include gender and pronunciation, meaning, popularity info, notable namesakes and pop culture references about each name. Search for the perfect baby name for your baby from our nature names collection and consider names that go green!

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Sora Both Japanese Sky
Sorel Girl English Sour
Sorrel Boy English Sour
Sorrell Boy English Sour
Sousan Girl Hebrew Lily; rose
Sousanna Girl Hebrew Lily; rose
Spring Girl English To burst forth; ...
Star Girl Latin Star
Starling Girl English Starling bird
Stone Boy English Stone
Storm Both English Violent weather
Stormy Both English Violent weather
Subaru Boy Japanese The Pleiades
Summer Girl English Summer
Sunny Girl English Filled with sunl...
Sunshine Girl English Light from the sun
Suvi Girl Finnish Summer
Suzuha Girl Japanese Bell shaped leaf...
Suzume Girl Japanese Sparrow
Tahlia Girl Hebrew Dew of God; fema...
Taimi Girl Finnish Young plant, sap...
Tal Both Hebrew Dew
Tal-Or Both Hebrew Light dew
Talia Both Hebrew Dew of God; fema...
Talise Girl Native Ame... Beatiful water
Talor Both Hebrew Morning dew
Talya Both Hebrew Dew of God; fema...
Tane Boy Pacific Is... Man; god of the ...
Tanemahuta Boy Pacific Is... Man; god of the ...
Tansy Girl Greek Immortal