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Give your child a name inspired by the limitless world of nature and change perspectives while showing appreciation for its beauty. These names come straight from Mother Nature, and pay respect to all living beings around us--plants, animals, the earth and sky! Nature names are certainly on trend in today’s eco-conscious climate. Our nature baby name pages include gender and pronunciation, meaning, popularity info, notable namesakes and pop culture references about each name. Search for the perfect baby name for your baby from our nature names collection and consider names that go green!

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Penina Girl Pacific Is... Pearl
Peninnah Girl Hebrew Coral; pearl
Peony Girl English Peony flower
Pepper Girl English Pepper
Peregrine Boy Latin Foreigner, stran...
Perle Girl French Pearl
Pervenche Girl French Periwinkle
Petal Girl English Flower's petal
Petros Boy Aramaic Stone
Petunia Girl English Petunia flower
Phoenix Both Greek Phoenix; deep red
Phueng Girl Thai Bee
Pikake Girl Hawaiian Arabic jasmine f...
Pluto Boy Greek Wealth, riches
Pomona Girl Latin Fruit tree
Poppy Girl English Poppy flower
Posy Girl Hebrew He will enlarge
Primrose Girl Latin First rose
Prune Girl French Plum
Prunella Girl Latin Plum
Pundarik Boy Sanskrit The (white) lotus
Pundarika Boy Sanskrit The (white) lotus
Pushpita Both Sanskrit Flowered; blosso...
Raam Boy Hebrew Thunder
Rain Both English Rain
Rainbow Both English Rainbow
Raine Girl French Queen
Rainy Girl English Rainy, full of r...
Raiquen Boy Mapudungun Night bird
Raise Girl Yiddish Rose