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Give your child a name inspired by the limitless world of nature and change perspectives while showing appreciation for its beauty. These names come straight from Mother Nature, and pay respect to all living beings around us--plants, animals, the earth and sky! Nature names are certainly on trend in today’s eco-conscious climate. Our nature baby name pages include gender and pronunciation, meaning, popularity info, notable namesakes and pop culture references about each name. Search for the perfect baby name for your baby from our nature names collection and consider names that go green!

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Oceana Girl Greek Ocean
Océane Girl Greek The world-ocean
Odell Boy English Woad hill
Odval Girl Mongolian Chrysanthemum
Olea Girl Latin Pertaining to th...
Olive Girl English Olive; olive tree
Ombeline Girl Latin A sort of gem
Ombline Girl Latin A sort of gem
Opal Girl Sanskrit Jewel, gem
Opale Girl Sanskrit Jewel, gem
Opaline Girl Sanskrit Jewel, gem
Or-Tal Both Hebrew Morning dew
Orange Boy English Orange
Orev Boy Hebrew Raven
Orson Boy French Bear
Osmonde Both English God, protector
Osmunda Girl English God, protector
Padma Girl Sanskrit Lotus-hued
Padmasundara Girl Sanskrit Beautiful lotus
Padmini Girl Sanskrit Lotus-like; havi...
Paloma Girl Spanish Dove
Pan Boy Greek Herdsman
Panna Girl Sanskrit Emerald
Pansy Girl English Thought
Parvin Girl Persian The Pleiades; star
Paza Girl Hebrew Gold
Peaches Girl English Peaches
Pearl Girl English Pearl
Pearle Girl English Pearl
Pehuen Boy Mapudungun Araucaria