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Be daring! Mythological baby names are not for the faint-of-heart, but they ARE for parents who are looking for something a bit out of the ordinary. The realm of fantasy, folklore, gods and heroes is filled with tales of bravery which are ripe with baby naming ideas. Mythological baby names can convey both tradition and strength and combine historical depth with a sense of resurrecting the ancient to sound new and exciting. If you love learning about ancient mythology and world legends, you will love our list of mythological baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Aapep Boy Ancient Eg... Moon snake
Aban Boy Persian Waters
Abassi Boy African God
Abhirupa Girl Sanskrit Pleasing, handso...
Abhisumat Boy Sanskrit Radiant, brilliant
Abhisyanta Boy Sanskrit Splendid
Abhlach Boy Gaelic Apple; apple tree
Abjayoni Boy Sanskrit Born of the lotus
Abraxas Boy Greek A mystical word
Acala Both Sanskrit The immovable one
Acalesvara Boy Sanskrit God of the immov...
Acastus Boy Greek N/A
Accalia Girl Greek N/A
Acestes Boy Greek From Egesta mean...
Achelous Boy Greek He who drives ou...
Acheron Boy Greek River of woe; di...
Achille Boy Greek N/A
Achilles Boy Greek N/A
Achilleus Boy Greek N/A
Actaeon Boy Greek N/A
Actéon Boy Greek N/A
Adad Boy Phoenician Crasher
Adekagagwaa Boy Native Ame... Spirit of summer
Adhikara Boy Sanskrit Principal; contr...
Aditeya Both Sanskrit Child of Aditi; ...
Aditi Girl Sanskrit Boundless; the b...
Aditya Boy Sanskrit Belonging to Adi...
Admete Girl Greek Untamed
Adnoartina Boy Pacific Is... N/A
Adonia Both Hebrew My Lord is God